Journal Article: Parasitic Personality Organisation and Parasitic Relatedness

In this journal article, published in Transactional Analysis Journal, the author looks into Parasitic Personality Organisation and Parasitic Relatedness.

Original article:

Parasitic Personality Organisation manifests itself with some individuals as a lack of future life path and purpose, directionlessness and lack of expectations, a need to have one’s expectations set by others, purposelessness and pointlessness. However, there is a lack of or diminished sense of anxiety and depression that accompanies it. Such individuals often contemplate of what they need to expect of life, rather than merely not knowing what they actually do expect of life. Their developmental history is often characterised by experiences of nothing being exceptional whilst, on the other hand, nothing being expected of them either. In adult life, they will usually engage in relationships in order not to feel lost and in the attempt to find themselves, which they will often find failing, leaving them wondering and directionless again.


Zivkovic, A. (2020). Parasitic Personality Organization and Parasitic Relatedness. Transactional Analysis Journal, 50(2), 130-142. DOI: 10.1080/03621537.2020.1726659