Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Psychotherapy and Counselling Client Communication Regarding the Lockdown as of 5 November 2020

The UK government has announced a new lockdown as of 5 November. The rules (at present) are not specific in relation to whether as a psychotherapy client one may leave home for the purpose of getting therapy.

In line with the aims of the lockdown rules, I will be transferring my work online for the duration of this lockdown (i.e. as expected until the beginning of December).

Because psychotherapy is of crucial health and wellbeing importance to some and because disruption in treatment may prove harmful, I will continue to support the clients that do not have the capacity for online sessions (e.g. due to the reasons such as lack of privacy at home, safety concerns, confidentiality concerns, inappropriate infrastructure, increased psychological distress, etc.) with in-person sessions. This, however, will remain an exception rather than a rule.