Ales Zivkovic MSc PTSTA(P)

Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Psychotherapy and Counselling Client Communication Regarding the Lockdown as of 5 January 2021

The UK government has announced a new lockdown as of 5 January 2021. I will continue my work with psychotherapy and counselling clients online for the duration of this lockdown. I will continue to support the clients that do not have the capacity for online sessions (e.g. due to the reasons such as lack of privacy at home, safety concerns, confidentiality reasons etc.) with in-person sessions. This, however, will remain a last-resort exception, determined on case-by-case basis and not a rule. Please note that the mere convenience or preference of in-person sessions is not a sufficient reason for them.

When visiting the practice in-person, please make sure you follow the following rules:

  • In the case you indicate any of the Covid-19 symptoms, do not enter the building under any circumstances.
  • Please ensure that you wear a face mask at all times whilst within the building.
  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout the building. Please use it as often as possible, especially as you enter and exit the building.
  • Respect social distancing and keep a safe, 2m distance from others at all times. 
  • Only one person in the lift at a time – and only to go up.
  • Please use the stairs down if you’re able.