Ales Zivkovic MSc PTSTA(P)

Clinical Supervision

As a clinical supervisor and professional consultant, Ales supports both qualified as well as trainee psychotherapists and counsellors in their clinical practice. He is also included on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Supervisor Directory.

He provides individual and group supervision.

In his clinical practice, as well as in supervision, Ales mainly focuses on issues of developmental deficiencies, early trauma and abuse and how these may impact personality structure. As such, he mainly works with issues of identity and the sense of self, which involves work with personality disorders, eating disorders, dependency, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, subjective experience of emptiness and meaninglessness.

Because such early disruptions often manifest themselves out of one’s awareness, both intrapsychically as well as interpersonally, Ales predominantly focuses on unconscious dynamics, transference and countertransference phenomena.

Ales is also passionate about group processes and intergroup dynamics. This informs his work with groups in clinical setting, organisations, as well as his thinking about wider societal issues. Because group and intergroup processes underpin one’s cultural and collective identities, Ales also works with cultural dynamics on individual, as well as group levels.

In clinical supervision and professional consultation, he will often focus on:

  • Unconscious processes (transference and countertransference) in client setting and how these processes parallel in supervisory relationship;
  • Negative therapeutic reactions and secondary therapeutic gains in clinical setting (e.g. acting out, therapeutic stalemates, boundary issues, destruction of therapy, etc.);
  • Working expressively in support of integration of client’s personality structure;
  • Group and intergroup dynamics in clinical, coaching, organisational, or societal environments;
  • Collective and cultural identity and intercultural dynamics etc.

For more about his clinical supervision and consultation work, see: