Transactional Analysis (TA) Group Therapy for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Ales Zivkovic CTA(P) MSc - Psychotherapy and Counselling North London - Primrose Hill & Belsize Park NW1, NW3, NW8 | Psychotherapist, Counsellor
Ales Zivkovic CTA(P) MSc (TA Psych) – Psychotherapist (UKCP Reg)

Group psychotherapy can be a unique and powerful experience of learning about how you relate to yourself and how this impacts your relationships with others—personally and professionally. It is an exploration into depths of yourself and your relationships.

Ales Zivkovic CTA(P) MSc (TA Psych) is running a series of Transactional Analysis (TA) group therapy sessions, dedicated—but not limited to—(trainee) psychotherapists, counsellors, and others involved in helping professions.

Ales is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and Certified Transactional Analyst in the field of Psychotherapy. He also holds an MSc in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Ales also used to run psychotherapy groups within NHS.

The groups are normally run as process therapy groups based on Transactional Analysis (TA) but also integrating other group therapy approaches.

Group therapy sessions

  • Sessions are normally on weekdays in the evenings (weekly or fortnightly).
  • Duration of sessions is 2h (which you may be able to count towards your annual UKCP compulsory 40-hour personal therapy requirement)
  • Members: 5-7
  • Membership: Closed group / Rolling group


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